Solar collectors are used all over the world since a kind of green technology. To build a solar collector is not very difficult. This article is going to give a brief introduction on how to build a solar geyser. At the beginning, we take a solar collector design which developed many years ago in Afghanistan as an example. This kind of solar water heater has been built and used at home and abroad countries after it has invented. It can heat seventy liters of water to sixty degrees Celsius on a clear day with lots of sunshine. The temperature of the day is around 32 degrees.

The solar collector can be divided into two parts. The first part is made of a black color metal plate. Why this metal plate painted black? The reason is black surface can easily collect the heat than other color. This black metal plate is named a collector which placed in touch with the water. There are a few metal sheets can make the solar collector and the effect of the corrugated metal is quite good. As soon as the water is heated, it is kept hot with insulation material. This can help the water keep warm for long hours. Another part of the solar heater is storage system.

The storage tank in the system is a container can store 100 liters water. There are two pipes connect with the water storage tank. One is the input pipe and the other is the outlet pipe. When the water heater is working properly, the water will flow from the storage tank to the collector and then flow back to the storage tank. The water can be used for washing and cleaning. Of course, the flow of water can be changed so as to make the temperature can reach an ideal level. Easy to build and convenient to operate are the features of this kind of solar collector. The rubber pipes of the collector need to be checked and replaced every two years since they will be ageing with the time goes by. To make the solar collector work, there is an essential factor—the sun. It can be imagined that only on sunny days can heat collector.

As the most inexpensive and convenient clean energy, solar water heater is one of the urban residents preferred equipment. According to the different connection of the storage tank and the collector, there are compact solar geyser and split solar water heater. Due to the complex structure, difficult installation and large storage such characteristics of split solar water heater, it mainly used in hotels, restaurants and other company. Urban residents are preferred to choose compact solar geyser. There is much kind of materials for making solar collector, such as fluorine titanium plate, color armor plate and aluminizing zinc plate. Though the price of aluminizing zinc plate is much higher than galvanized plate, people still willing to choose the solar water heater in that it with high cost performance and long operating life.